21 - Women in Leadership


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Welcome to a special episode of WGI Unleashed -- we have the unique privilege of having a roundtable discussion with three leaders in our firm: Nancy Clements, Senior Vice President of our Transportation Division, Kimberlee DeBosier, our Director of Project Excellence, and Lisa Nisenson, our Vice President of New Mobility & Connected Communities.

Each of these leaders has a deep passion for their respective fields. Nancy brings a tremendous amount of expertise and experience as the leader of our transportation division and has led that division to significant accomplishments, in Florida especially. Kim joined the WGI team this year to help champion project management success and training as well as bolster our leadership's ability to deliver exceptional project results across all disciplines. Lisa also joined the team this year to deepen our commitment to transportation and community planning innovation and make certain that WGI remains on the cutting edge of adaptable, sustainable community design.

We chat about their experience as women in leadership, which was an important dimension as they developed their career as a leader in the engineering and planning industry. They relate some of their learned lessons for current professionals who aspire to lead this industry in the future. Lastly, we discuss what they expect from the future of their industries and why they're excited to be a part of shaping its future.

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