27 – Bob Clemens, National SUE Services Manager


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In this episode of Unleashed, we had a conversation with Bob Clemens, National SUE Services Manager from Tampa, Florida. Bob joined WGI in the summer of 2018 and has 26 years of experience as a Consultant in Utilities/SUE. He is a National SUE Services Manager in our Tampa, Florida office. Bob shared with us his day-to-day tasks in the office as well as his personal life revolving around his family and interests. He also spoke about growing up in Miami, Florida, and how he came to pursuing a career in SUE. Bob talked in-depth about his role as the National SUE Services Manager for WGI and about how he looks at ways he can position his team to grow, and support existing recourses to keep projects successful while in development. He also discusses his team's goal to expand work in Georgia, New York metropolitan area, and in Colorado.

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