29 – Lindsay Libes, Director of Planning


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Lindsay has over 13 years of experience providing professional planning services in both the public and private sectors. Her extensive experience includes due diligence reports, comprehensive plan amendments, rezoning, and site and master planning. Lindsay has also provided planning support for land acquisition through the eminent domain process for the FDOT, facilitated public outreach, and worked with neighborhood groups on master plans, and with government entities on corridor and streetscape studies. Lindsay also has experience managing and representing multidisciplinary projects through the entirety of the land use entitlement process.

On the podcast, Lindsay discusses how she started working in the planning field and her role as Director of Planning for WGI. She initially went to school for Pharmacy but changed her major a few times until she found her passion in Planning. Lindsay shares about her time growing up in New Hampshire, making her way to Florida, and raising her twin daughters.

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