Kentucky Route Zero


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Seven years, five acts, and one podcast later, Matt and Tony finally explore the sad, dreamy world of Cardboard Computer's critically acclaimed Kentucky Route Zero. The game, which has rolled out episodically over the better part of the last decade and is now finally complete, is deceptively simple: a contemporary take on the narrative-focused point-and-click adventure game about a delivery man making what very well might be his employer's last shippment. Things get strange right away when his destination doesn't appear on any maps, and the only way to get there is by finding the titular and extra-dimensional(?) Route Zero. What follows is a ten-hour meditation on financial ruin, substance abuse, death, being a wage slave, crippling debt, memory, our relationship to media and technology, and more.
Given its fanbase and critical reputation as one of the games of the decade, Kentucky Route Zero is the perfect topic for WDWM? - a game that lots of people have had lots to say about for a lot of years. Do Matt and Tony think it lives up to the hype? Go counter-clockwise until you come to the statue of David Lynch made out of moldy 8-track tapes, then turn around and make three clockwise loops and stop at the Emotional Sewage Treatment Plant to find out!

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