Raiders of the Lost Ark with Sara Faith Alterman


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Sara Faith Alterman grew up with strict restrictions on what she could and could not watch. She discusses this in her moving new memoir, Let's Never Talk About This Again, which explores the contradiction between her strictly PG-rated upbringing and her late father's secret career as the author of raunchy sex books, and her efforts to help her father revive his writing career after being diagnosed with Alzheimer's.
Sara is also a producer for Mortified, which is a stage show, a podcast, and a Netflix series where adults share the things they wrote as teenagers with a live audience. This is how Tony met Sara in 2009, and based on the first piece Tony "performed" for the Mortified stage, Sara chose to cross Raiders of the Lost Ark off of her list of blindspots.
Matt, Tony, and Sara discuss her book and Mortified, as well as growing up with strict rules around TV and movies, what Sara knew about Indiana Jones before her first time with the film, movies under the influence, and aspects of the film that have not aged as well as others.
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