Off-Season | About WDIP and Dr. Dawn w/Uncertain Things


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This weekend is Memorial Day weekend-- the unofficial start of summer... at last! At What Does It Profit, we are officially in the "Off-Season" and busy cleaning house, tuning up, and otherwise getting ready for Season 3.

During the off-season, we wanted you to get to know more about our host and the ethics work behind the show. We also want to introduce new listeners to insights from our back catalog in mini-episodes beginning in June.

This week, we introduce you to our friends, Adaam and Vanessa of Uncertain Things. Their social-commentary podcast is what our friends in Boston call "wicked-awesome." Our host, Dr. Dawn, sat down during Season 2 to talk all things WDIP and the work of storytelling in finance and investment. We hope you enjoy the conversation.

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