Off-Season | Finance Justice: Promoting Lives of Greater Economic Success


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In this off-season episode, we dig into the WDIP back catalog to revisit a conversation with Opportunity Finance Network (OFN) CEO, Lisa Mensah where we talked about the idea of "finance justice." The original conversation was released in December 2020. The work keeps pressing forward as OFN seeks to build coalitions of investors that believe that investing in people pays rich dividends by building lives of greater economic success.

Special thanks to Peter Collins for sharing his soulful rendition of the Gospel classic "I Don't Feel Noways Tired" that provides a special kind of mojo for this episode.

For those interested in joining this movement, OFN invites WDIP listeners to join them virtually at their annual conference in October 2021.

Stay tuned. We will be back with you in two week when we talk about the big, bad "H" word: "hedge" funds and revisit a conversation with the "Assassin," famed short-seller Fahmi Quadir. Don't forget to subscribe so you don't miss a thing.

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