#298 Adam Robinson -The Most Important Ideas I've Discovered In Life (Part 1)


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This is part 1 of 2 with one of my all time favorite thinkers Adam Robinson.

Adam is the Co-Founder of The Princeton Review, a rated chess master, an advisor to large hedge funds and financial institutions, who uses a unique approach that combines game theory and behavioral economics to outthink global markets and anticipate when major trends will change.

This is a wide ranging conversation exploring topics such as:

☑️The epiphany he had that has forever changed his life.

☑️Getting clarity around things that don’t make sense.

☑️The ideas Adam feels have been most impactful in his life.

☑️The most important questions you can ask yourself.

So get ready to expand your thinking and learn how to go from theory to action with Adam Robison!

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