S2E6 An interview with James Helms, VP of Design and Product, Intuit Platform


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James Helms is the Vice President of design a product at Intuit. A global technology platform that helps the customers and communities we serve overcome their financial challenges.

He is a graduate of the Visual Communications program at the University of Delaware. Today, James has been with Intuit for 7 years now. Performing and delivering strategic Identity and Financial data experiences for Quickbooks, Turbo Tax, and Mint.

He’s passionate about creating and improving design teams, coaching design leaders, and mentoring early career designers to use their design skills to shape their careers. James has worked with third-party apps, financial institutions, governments, and educational institutions. His mission, along with Intuit, is to drive a full spectrum of customer benefit to prosperity and power around the world.

In this episode, we talked about:

⦁ The core of human-centered design

⦁ About product experiences, empathy, and understanding consumers

⦁ Testing consumer behavior through lightweight prototypes

⦁ What is knowledge engineering?

⦁ Role of personalization

⦁ What is adopt a small business?

Get in touch with James

Visit his website:

· https://www.intuit.com/

James LinkedIn profile:

· https://www.linkedin.com/in/jameshelmsad/

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