S1E5 Malea Gadoury: Designing for Developers at Google Firebase


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Catch up with Malea Gadoury, the female designer Leading exemplary.

Hello people and welcome to yet another UX episode. In this episode, our host for the show, Pek Pongpaet introduces his guest, he says he's very happy to be synced up with his lovely guest for this episode in Malea Gadoury.

Who is Malea Gadoury?

Malea Gadoury is a stylish hardworking woman who is the Co-Founder at ILK. She grew up in the suburbs of Montreal in Canada and she was also previously head of design for Wonderschool. Malea was at google for about 6 years where she held various roles.

Episode Highlights

  • Malea speaks up about how she joined Wonderschool. (A marketplace for early childhood education). She adds that at Wonderschool, they help in providing day-care. She was there for a year before the pandemic struck.
  • According to Malea, it's all about exposure. Where she says the majority of what she knows about UX, she learned it from google.
  • Pek asks Malea to describe what Google firebase is. Where she sums it as a tool that helps mobile developers be successful.
  • They both speak about growth features and Malea expounds a little bit more about AB testing.
  • Among some of the interesting stories of her work at Google plus, Malea remembers when they were working on Google plus collections because they wanted to be like Pinterest. She also mentions the time when Tiktok and Instagram came out and then they needed to do reels.
  • As the episode rolls on, Malea says that it's really hard to recruit talent in a start-up because you might not have the means or the resources to offer as many perks nor the ability to offer professional development and growth.
  • Pek asks Malea for some advice to someone who is a designer and wants to be an entrepreneur. She insists that you should have a mindset that doesn’t waver and always believe in what you want to achieve.
  • Pek and Malea both agree that customer communication is very important and that it saves you some real pain. It minimizes the tendency of designing the wrong products.
  • As the episode draws to a close, Malea says that anyone who wants to work for google should have a really solid UX process and make sure that they articulate it.

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