S1E6 Designing for 46 million daily rides with Jay Demetillo


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Jay Demetillo, a designer that strives for greatness.

Jay works as a designer at Grab. He has also worked for the likes of Twitter, Yahoo, and Pinterest. Just to top it off, Jay was an adjunct professor at CCA in San Francisco. Jay currently teaches design innovation at New Campus.

Highlights from the episode:

· Jay speaks of how he switched teams and now belongs to the safety team which he says he considers to be much more interesting.

· Pek subjects Jay to the question of how it was, growing up in New York and how he decided to become a designer. Jay starts by blaming his parents for being typical Asians and believed that he should be a doctor or nurse.

· Jay advises looking at how and where everything is going in terms of blockchain and states that AI or VR are the most impactful factors.

· Jay narrates how he landed at Google Ventures.

· On how he explains UX design to most people, Jay simplifies it and just gives a reference to how you'd help your grandmother get from point A-B.

· Jay talks about the design team at Grab back then in 2017 where he says that he was the sole designer on the consumer side.

· As the episode approaches its latter stages, Pek asks Jay if it was a culture shock for him to move to Southeast Asia. Jay expresses his reasons and says that he did not move for love and that it was a lonely first year.

· Asked about any career advice he'd give to his younger version and what he'd wished to have known, Jay says that he wishes to have taken more risks. He really does encourage the importance of taking risks.

· Jay mentions a few books like 'The First 90 days’ where he states that it is a great book if you find yourself in a new job.

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