S1E7 Designing inclusiveness, sustainability and affordability for cities with Director of Design at Sidewalk Labs, Michelle Ha Tucker


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Woman power; Michelle Tucker’s life in the tech industry.

Welcome once again everyone to the Ux Podcast show. As always, Pek Pongpaet is the host for the show and he is joined up by Michelle Ha Tucker as the guest of this show today.

Michelle's Bio

Michelle Tucker is the director of design at Sidewalk Labs. She is also well known to be actively involved in arts and design education and served on the board of the Hyde Park Art Center and not to mention that she spends a year reimagining design curriculum at RISD. Michelle also tops it off with a masters in architecture in Harvard.

Highlights from this episode;

➢ Michelle talks about how she grew up in California and how her parents were in the tech industry.

➢ According to Michelle, UX design is the ability of a designer to synthesize a lot of information about how people use things and how people move about their lives.

➢ Michelle says that a good design should be easy to understand and delightful for people to use.

➢ Michelle talks about a number of products that she refers to them as span. She gives Dell as an example and she claims that they are more of a very digital SAS software. Where she adds that for UX designers it might be the clear comparison to whatever they're working on today.

➢ Pek adds up and says that the user experience design has to always make sense for the business and for the tech team.

➢ Pek initiates a dialogue on what advice Michelle could give to her younger version, Michelle responds by talking about working in a field like urban innovation.

➢ As the episode draws to a close, Pek and Michelle both cite Jim Collins books and both seem to love the author.

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