S1E8 Designing for Growth with Fonz Morris, Lead Product Designer, Global Conversion at Netflix


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Fonz has a creative eye for design. He was born in Brooklyn, New York- one of the most design-centric places on the planet. The beautiful architectural designs exposed Fonz to art and culture. Initially, he wanted to take up architecture but ended up studying computer science.

During his senior year of college, his university opened up a digital aquarium- which fascinated him with all the multimedia equipment, resources, and software. Since then, he self-taught himself how to design, and from then, he became a digital and growth designer.

Today, Fonz Morris is the lead product designer for global conversion at Netflix and works with some of the world's biggest companies. He is also leading a design team at Coursera- the world’s leading online education platform and is currently working on a book and design course

In this episode, we talked about:

⦁ What is Global Conversion?

⦁ Why are resources so important?

⦁ Entrepreneurial start-up, funding, and connections

⦁ The impact of education, even if it's self-taught

⦁ Why data matters and how to build a system for success

⦁ Designing for growth and general principles of a good UX

⦁ Where does growth begin and end?

⦁ Working at a bigger vs. smaller company

⦁ Role of AV testing and tools test your platform

⦁ Iteration, empathy, testing, data, and communication

⦁ Learn with Fonz! Book and design course

Get in touch with Fonz

Visit his website:

· https://www.fonzmorris.com/

· https://signalfire.com/

Fonz LinkedIn profile:

· https://www.linkedin.com/in/fonzmorris/

Links mentioned in this podcast

Tool to test your platform:

· www.usertesting.com

Coursera- Online education platform:

· https://www.coursera.org/

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