S1E2 Growing Design Agency Fjord from 50 to 1400 people with Andrew Falcon


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Andrew Falcon talks about his experience at Fjord and how things are going, particularly at Accenture. Andrew explains his first day at the studio and how his team thinks extraordinary to grow the organization. Andrew and Pek speak about the role of Fjord in today's world, how Fjord expanded from 200 to 1400 employees. He explains different ways to treat the employees to get better out of them. How his team manages the problems faced by the organization early on and how they cope with them. They also talk about the opportunities produced during the pandemic time and how small organizations should work it out.

As a Managing director at Accenture, Andrew proves a lot about the investment policies and effective business models to help organizations worldwide. He was a COO at Fjord, and during his time, his vision, calmness, and articulate behavior resulted in great success for Fjord. He is on a mission to help small businesses to grow effectively in today's time.

Key Topics:

  • How Andrew proves his worth at Accenture after Fjord's success?
  • How did Fjord scale sales?
  • Why does Andrew think that customer experience is a new way to conquer the designing world during the pandemic time?
  • And MUCH MORE!

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