S1E3 Designing for 100M Patients with Prak Nisarat


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Who is Prakan Nisarat? A little bit more insight into his life, you'll learn that Prakan Nisarat has a bachelor's degree in graphic design and a master's in marketing communications, as well as an MBA. I know, it sounds a lot right, But that’s his thing. Prakarn started as a traditional graphic designer in advertising in Chicago. Currently, his recent project is working at Lululemon to improve the app and omnichannel experience.

Episode highlights:

  • Despite Nisarat’s English being so clear, you’ll realize that he studied the language at a later stage in life.
  • Prakan says that he loves US education because you can tie things up. Both men discuss a mutual topic about learning photoshop where Pek intervenes and says how he started learning photoshop with Photoshop 4.
  • Prakan then talks about how he ended up at Microsoft, he talks about how he did advertising for a while. Then he says that at his workplace, they gave him a full scholarship, and just like that he thought why not Microsoft, let's do it he says. He then says how he landed a job there helping out as a contractor
  • About how they met, Pek discusses how he was exploring the UI of 23 and me. He says, “there was a section in 23 and me that said, Hey, share your DNA with a network, the users. And we'll tell you, we'll notify people who are a match, your genetic match.” He says it was interesting how it revealed to him a list of people on 23rd who had 23 and me.
  • Both gentlemen expound about designing interfaces as applications for the healthcare industry
  • Halfway through the episode, Prakan tries to explain how he’s trying to bring in a way of thinking in the healthcare industry and how they should fit into people’s lifestyles.
  • On health care tips, he emphasizes how double-dosing could ultimately lead to death as hypoglycemia.
  • Asked whether designing for different cultures affects his designs at all, he says that they try to do that, but they cannot because they are in the FDA. He further explains the vendor regulations
  • Prakan advises the young designers trying to get into the healthcare industry and make a change. He says that they should not make any assumptions and also take responsibility because at the end of the day, your decision-making into this design can impact lives.

Links and Resources:

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/prakarn/

Website: https://nisarat.info/



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