S2E1 An Interview with Christina Brodbeck, Youtube's 1st Designer


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Christina Brodbeck was one of the earliest team members at the start of YouTube, she was the company’s first designer and the lead designer for YouTube mobile. In her last two years at YouTube, she led UX Design for YouTube Mobile and was responsible for creating an interface that brought YouTube to cell phones. Her passion for innovation in education led her to work on and launch YouTube EDU as a 20% side project while at the company. She was the co-founder of TheIceBreak, a Q&A service to help committed couples strengthen their relationships. As a seasoned angel investor, Christina has invested in approximately 20 companies. She is currently a co-founder and partner at Rivet Ventures.

In this episode, Christina takes us back to the early days of Youtube, its system design back then, what was her role and what kind of stuff she designed, also she talks about her venture firm - Rivet Venture and her journey on how she got into design.

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