S2E10 Interview with User Defenders Podcast Host and Early Myspace designer, Jason Ogle


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Jason Ogle has been designing for Tim Berners-Lee’s “World Wide Web” via CRT monitors, 2400bps modems, and 216 colors since 1996. He is also a highly innovative and strategic design leader who is passionate about the user defender.

He is an influential podcaster who uses the enchanting magic of audio to inspire and equip an audience of hungry and ambitious designers. His podcast “The User Defender Podcast” is an avenue to inspire, enlighten and entertain people passionate about making a difference in their work. While staying hungry and inspired in UX design.

In this episode, we talked about:

  • Jason Ogle’s passion and journey in UX growth
  • What is Jason’s vision as a designer?
  • Blast from the past: Jason Ogle’s Myspace journey
  • About The User Defender Podcast

Get in touch with Jason

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  • Listen to “The User Defender Podcast”:


Books Mentioned

  • “Mindset: The New Psychology of Success” by Dr. Carol Dweck

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