S2E2 Designing for Singaporean citizens. Interview with UX Lead Premika PoSaw, GovTech Singapore


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Premika is the UX Lead at GovTech Singapore, one of her primary goals is crafting ‘moments of delight' through innovative and user-focused customer experience design. This is achieved by solving complex problems through user research, expert analysis, prototyping and iterative collaborative design with users and stakeholders.

In this episode, we talked about:

  • GovTech in Singapore and how it serves people
  • Number of UX designers in GovTech
  • Who do they serve/design?
  • GovTech on designing web apps, mobile apps and other digital solutions
  • Premika shared a little bit of her life journey
  • Premika on her agency/career background
  • Her learning experience - as per Premika, each client was a completely different product, a different perspective, different countries, different ways of working different tech
  • What a good design looks like at GovTech
  • Advice to some small agency or SME
  • And much MORE!


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