S2E4 Design Partner at a VC firm, an interview with JJ Moi at Prime Movers Lab


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JJ Moi has been raised most of his life in Thailand and did his undergrad in industrial design there, majored in furniture design. Then back to San Francisco to do his masters in data visualization and worked as a UX designer for the past decade, mostly in startups, but also had a fair share in the public sector.

Currently, he is working as VC design partner at Prime Movers Lab investing and working with startups that create breakthroughs in science that impact billions of lives such as in the areas of space transportation and autonomous vehicles, solar & nuclear energy, robotics & semiconductors, neuroscience & longevity, engineered food & automated agriculture.

Tune in as he discusses his role, he cites some innovative products that he’d helped bring to market, design systems, work for the government, work directly with the founders and executives who are amazing scientists, and what are his roles? It includes but not limited to:

  • Design playbooks to create the right set of beliefs and design principles
  • Design review and pay extra attention to design details that the engineering and science teams might overlook
  • User research to validating user needs
  • reducing waste and unwanted features
  • Prototyping new ideas for analyzing ideas and user testing
  • Creating a delightful user experience to support customer journeys
  • Create brand strategy and identity that presents a lovable brand
  • Help with recruiting and hiring for top design roles


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