S2E5 Designing Game Interfaces and Applications in Webflow, an Interview with Webflow wizard (Sako) Sarkis Buniatyan


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Sarkis Buniatyan is the founder of Meraki Ventures, Mirai Biotechnology, and more. He is an entrepreneur by day and a product designer by night.
Sarkis creates hyper-realistic prototypes, develops MVPs, turns them into successful products, and teaches makers how to launch their vision. He invests in the 1% of ideas that can challenge the status quo through Meraki Ventures and restores Earth’s natural balance through Mirai Biotechnology by developing hyprobiotics that transform the way food is manufactured and consumed.

Another is Meraki Ventures which values vision. In Meraki ventures, your world is a canvas to invest your ideas and shape them. Sarkis' third business is Nocode Rumble, the first live accelerator that brings together talented makers from around the world to create impactful products and put their skills to the ultimate test.

In this episode, we talked about:

⦁ What is today's definition of products?

⦁ Creating ideas and making prototypes

⦁ What are the possibilities of an idea?

⦁ More about Mirai Biotechnology and Meraki Ventures

⦁ Going in-depth with product design

⦁ His restaurant business

⦁ Thinking about Gary Vaynerchuk

Get in touch with Sarkis

Visit Meraki Ventures:

· https://www.meraki.vc/

Visit Mirai Biotechnology:

· https://www.mirai.am/

Sarkis LinkedIn profile:

· https://www.linkedin.com/in/sarkisbuniatyan/

Resources Mentioned


· https://webflow.com/

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