WTM Ep. 38: Cambodian Rock Band


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No need to fight Tooth & Nail--it's time for Cambodian Rock Band! We talk the anti-Miss Saigon, teaching an audience to code switch, and why you should skip Hamilton for now. Plus: the gentlest JLM Watch to-date.

WTM theme music by Cullen Vance.

Featured music for Cambodian Rock Band by Dengue Fever. Dengue Fever music: Amazon | iTunes | Spotify

"Jeas Cyclo (Ride Cyclo)" by Yol Aularong: Amazon | iTunes | Spotify

Follow Cambodian Rock Band on Twitter: @thecyclos


Beverage: One Thousand Tears of a Tarantula Recipe from Le Boutier bar in Cambodia, as published in DRiNK Magazine 35ml Samai rum (or any aged rum) 22.5ml Housemade kaffir-curry syrup* 22.5ml Lime juice 15ml Coconut cream 15ml Benedictine 7.5ml Pineapple juice 1ds Fish sauce

Shake and serve in a collins glass. Garnish with house-made pickles.

*Kaffir-curry syrup: 1 litre hot water; 4tbsp red curry paste; 6 kaffir lime leaves; 2kg white sugar. Boil all for 20 minutes and fine strain.

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