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Build it and sell it for a big payday! It’s not rare for an entrepreneur to start a business with the goal to sell it. When the time comes to market your company, what will make it attractive to buyers? How can you be sure you get a fair deal? Let's hear it from Jeff Herschy, a former F-16 pilot turned digital entrepreneur. Listen up as Tom and Jeff break down the steps to building a successful business that you can sell for huge profits.

“The biggest mistake we made is to assume that the market wasn’t as big as it really was.”

- Jeff Herschy

In This Episode:

  • Why it's essential to identify your END goal before doing anything else
  • How online marketing played a KEY role in closing 7-figure deals for Jeff and his partner
  • What's the ONE skill that every successful marketer should know (it's the only one that MATTERS at the end of the day)
  • Make sure you have these TOP things in place if you're building a business to sell

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