Cyndi Doyle and her Essential Guide to Protecting Your Law Enforcement Relationship


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Being married in the Three Disciplines (that's Police/Fire/EMS for the uninitiated) comes with some unique challenges.

Holidays? Aw...aren't you cute.

Baby's first steps? Hope you got that on tape.

Marriage is hard enough as it is. Throw in the tumult and unpredictable nature of working in the Disciplines raises the bar.

In steps this week's guest, author and Licensed Counselor Cyndi Doyle to discuss her new book, Hold the Line: The Essential Guide to Protecting Your Law Enforcement Relationship.

During our conversation, you'll learn:

  • Why Cyndi wrote this book and how qualified she is to do so
  • How important honest and transparency are in relationships
  • What it takes to start a relationship, or a new career, and stay sane
  • When is it time to seek help with other couples going through similar circumstances

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