How to win the battle with front line trauma with Ret. Sgt. Michael Sugrue


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WARNING - This episode discusses traumatic events and discusses depression and suicide. Listener discretion is advised.

Retired Police Sergeant Michael Sugrue has quite the tale to tell so we had him come on What's Your Emergency.

Faced with a life or death decision on the job sent Michael into a freefall. His job fell apart, his marriage crumbled and he found himself at the bottom of a deep emotional hole many of our brothers and sisters never recover from.

Michael has a new book coming out soon called Relentless Courage: Winning the Battle Against Frontline Trauma where he goes all the way back to his childhood to track how it was that he had the power to struggle back from so much trauma in so little time.

This week we learn:

  • What situation led Michael to begin to spiral out of control
  • How Management can write us off so quickly
  • Where you can find help before it's too late
  • The sound your heart makes when you walk into the room to learn the man you shot has a twin brother
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