Oakland Ladder Truck Crash Video response from a veteran traffic cop


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Ripped from the headlines!

Recently, three Oakland, California, firefighters were injured after their ladder truck crashed into a building after swerving to miss a vehicle in an intersection. As per usual, the keyboard commanders hit the socials to point blame here, there and anywhere, adding their expert observations about vehicle size, speed, location, rules being followed and every other imaginable observation.

So Justin did what any knuckle dragging fireman would do...he called up his cop buddy and showed him the video.

This week you get a special treat of not only hearing Motorcop, a veteran traffic officer and collision investigation expert's initial response to watching the video, but we then take a pause and watch as he conducts a mini investigation into what he sees and assigns who is at fault, most likely, for this incident.

As far as two knuckleheads with a podcast and plenty of time to think about it have authority to do so. However, MC's insights into vehicle location, road markings and signal changes add an entirely new layer to the discussion.

Here's the video in question from KTVU News.

Pull it up and follow along as MC works his magic.

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