We got Trouble. Right here in River City. How can we avoid it?


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There are those who say that the Mel Brooks comedy classic Blazing Saddles could never be made today because of the softness of culture; because of the bleeding hearts and their easily offended attitudes; because these kids all got trophies.

Well, who bought those trophies? Who raised these softies anyway?

That's a topic for another podcast because this week your brave hosts bring back Lumpy, the mysterious retired cop, in studio to talk about what's going to land you in hot water in EMS, Police and Fire.

And of course in true WYE style the topic goes from what COULD get you in trouble to what would absolutely get your hosts hauled in front of the brass today. Or would it?

This week we ponder:

  • Where the line between shenanigans and hazing is
  • Why cops and firefighters seem to always disrobe to ride bicycles
  • What Jason's story about the goose really says about his love of bass guitar
  • A few tidbits that could keep you from...ahem...stepping in it in your early days on the job

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