Ep.29 (Part 2) Jamie-Lyn Richartz: My Mother Is My Best Friend


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Last season for five episodes we listened to adoptees having a dialogue specifically about adoption with an adoptive family member. Starting with episode 14 of season 1, with Lionel and his dad. We explored conversations with Juliana and her husband, and Schai and her brothers, and Laurie and her parents. We are modeling how to have a conversation about adoption with a loved one. You’d think that it was easy, but let me tell you—I have friends who’ve never talked to their husbands or adoptive families about their adoption. Again, I’m not saying that you need to talk about adoption all the time, or ever-- for that matter. I am simply examining why aren’t we talking about? Is it because of fear? Is it because of guilt or discomfort? Is it because we do not want to hurt someone else’s feelings? If so, are you honoring yourself?
This episode Jamie-Lyn Richartz returns to chat with me about how she felt the convo with her mother went.

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