How to scale in the Nova Scotia Real Estate Market


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Guest: Victoria Cluney,Real Estate Investor

In this episode, you will learn about:

  • Victoria’s top strategy choice when investing
  • Insights on passive investing
  • The importance of having a Property Manager
  • Tips and insights on buying property virtually
  • Insights on the Nova Scotia Real Estate Market

This week’s podcast guest is Victoria Cluney. Victoria shares with us her insights on investing in Novia Scotia and tells us her favorite investing strategy. We get some tips on how to purchase property virtually as Victoria invests in another province across Canada and has been able to scale successfully. Tune in to this podcast for some great nuggets of knowledge on real estate investing in Canada.Guest: Victoria Cluney, Real Estate Investor ,Victoria has been investing in real estate for over 17 years. She currently lives in Ottawa, ON; however she specializes in the Nova Scotia market. She has built a dependable team of realtors, property managers, lawyers and contractors across the province. She has experience building new construction, renovations, property management, tenant selection, Airbnb’s, flips, buy and holds, off market investing, local investing and long distance investing. She is currently pursuing her Masters of Psychology and serving as a Senior Officer in the Canadian Armed Forces. She has bought and sold over 15 properties and currently owns 14 doors – 9 with JV’s as the managing partner.

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