BRRRRing Success Story: meet one of Sarah’s students!


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In this episode, you will learn about:
  • How Amit found success through the BRRRR coaching program and using the BRRRR Strategy
  • How to unlock equity using your existing property
  • What buying your first investment deal can look like
  • How to find a good power team
  • Where you can find off-market deals
  • Tips for new investors starting out
  • The Do’s & Dont’s when considering Joint venture partnershipsListen to the full episode at

In this week’s episode, Amit discusses his experience with the BRRRR Real Estate Investing Program with Sarah. He breaks down some of the challenges new investors face and shares top tips on the things new investors should know before investing. Amit talks about how to find a good power team and why it’s important. He reveals how he found some of the best deals off-market, and how you can too!

Amit has found success in expanding his real estate portfolio by using the skills and tools learned in the BRRRR Course. Amit Parkash is in the financial industry and has always been interested in learning more about real estate. He encountered Sarah’s BRRRR course during the pandemic and shares his experiences on how you can practically apply her very simple but effective techniques. The most important thing being ‘Take Action’.

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Get in touch with Amit:
Instagram: Parkash7072

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