Episode Six - Lord of the Teas


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Thank you for listening to While There is Tea There is Hope, we hope you enjoyed our sixth episode, Lord of the Teas. And be sure to check out the logo for this episode which Tarran had fun making.
The hosts featured in this episode were Alex C. Telander and Tarran Merlo.
This episode was edited, sound designed, and produced by Tarran Merlo.
In this episode, Alex was drinking Christmas Morning from STASH: https://www.stashtea.com/products/christmas-morning-black-tea-bagged
Tarran was drinking Down Under Daintree from Seven Seas Tea:
Tarran recommended the same tea, while Alex recommend T2's Monk Pear:
For more info on tea, check out our website at www.tea-cast.com, and be sure to follow us on Twitter @theteacast
Thanks for listening and see you next month!

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