Interview: Ashley and Colby Frey of Frey Ranch Distillery


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Originally known as Frey Ranch Estate Distillery, this is one of a few distilleries in the world that source all of their grains from their own land. Think Kilchoman in Scotland or Waterford in Ireland.

Now, to a new distiller with a new farm, that might not be such an advantage, but imagine having a 160+ year history of farm/ranch ownership. Colby has a real advantage in the grain growing area of his business, but what about learning the distilling part?

Find out in this interview from Whiskey Lore. Other things we'll discuss:

  • The idea of a Nevada bourbon
  • The changing laws in Nevada
  • Grain to glass and the advantage of time
  • The process of creating a mashbill
  • How farming evolved with a distillery
  • How having a winery helped planning for a distillery
  • Similarities in agricultural and distilling education
  • 5 percent of production and 90 percent of the fun
  • Make your own custom blends
  • First deeded property in Nevada
  • The move of Frey Ranch to the Oasis of Nevada
  • Pulling trees with a Model A
  • The special challenges of farming in the High Desert
  • Ashley's passions around the distillery
  • The beautiful, heavy bottle
  • How Ashley and Colby met
  • What are the distillery tours like?
  • Dealing with aging and the temperatures in Nevada
  • Tasting the 90 Proof Straight Bourbon Whiskey (provided by Frey Ranch)
  • How they pick their cask strength single barrels
  • Is this a whiskey you should let sit?
  • The neck pour
  • How hard is rye to work with?
  • Naked oats, holeless oats, and other types of grains
  • When you didn't have a distillery, what did you do with your rye?
  • Doing on-site maltings
  • Making your own peat
  • Farmers + Distillers

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