Interview: Jim Massey of Fugitive Spirits


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A surprise Burns Night interview here on Whiskey Lore. I had hoped to do an episode around the Scottish Bard, Robert Burns, but the Whiskey Rebellion kinda took over (as rebellions will). But in honor of a poet with a passion for all things Scottish, I was approached by a whiskey distiller whose namesake's were poets with a passion for the land.

Listen as I talk with Fugitive Spirits co-founder Jim Massey about his whiskey, the inspiration of Vanderbilt University's Fugitives, and getting laws changed so he can benefit Tennessee agriculture by producing whiskey.

In this episode we'll discuss:

  • Gypsy distiller
  • Emphasizing Tennessee agriculture to bring craft distilling to the state
  • Selling his dad on using the farm for distilling
  • What about Tennessee whiskey?
  • The Lincoln Henderson Angels Envy inspiration
  • Doing what Jack Daniel's and Brown-Forman couldn't do
  • How craft benefited George Dickel
  • My poetry blind spot
  • The Fugitives at Vanderbilt University
  • Why the Fugitives?
  • Artists in Nashville
  • The Corsair Papa Smurf tie in
  • What is meant by heirloom corn - talk about his varieties
  • Playing with varieties of corn and mash bills
  • Redbreast inspiration
  • Tasting Grandgousier
  • Elements that make a whiskey different from others
  • How brains out do computers
  • Dealing with COVID bumps and will there be a Fugitive's distillery or tasting room?
  • The Tennessee Waltz and how it relates to what is in the bottle
  • The Tennessee Tug
  • Making your own Lincoln County Maple
  • Why all the orange in Nashville?
  • Where you can find the Fugitive Spirits

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