Interview: Jimmy Rout all about Memphis, Blues, and Juke Joints


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It's always great to chat with someone who love to share information about their town. Jimmy Rout (Shelby County Historian) had a chance to see the rebirth of Beale Street in Memphis and he is going to take us around the town that was and the town that now is. We'll hear about W.C. Handy, Boss Crump, and even Old Hickory makes an appearance in a tavern in Memphis...or did he?

Enjoy these subjects:

  • Working for Beale Street - the rebirth of the street
  • The soul of black community was Beale Street
  • WC Handy sees Beale Street for the first time
  • Pee Wee's Saloon at Cigar Counter - Mr Crump
  • Ragtime from WC Handy
  • Juke Joint and the origin of the term
  • They are a sanctuary
  • Belle Tavern - laying out the city of Memphis over drinks
  • Rowdy River Town
  • Prohibition and 600 saloons (+300 more)
  • Mr Tate's shotgun shack - best Juke Joint in town
  • Still around
  • Hernando's Hideaway - Juke Joint and Dive
  • Alex Tavern
  • Earnestine and Hazels (near where MLK killed)
  • What was Beale Street's feel in the 1920s? So busy
  • Yellow Fever and Irish and Black
  • Drinking in whiskey because it is safe
  • EH Crump's ties to Whiskey
  • Saloons as polling places
  • Tennessee Ouster Law
  • The King Maker
  • A fifth of bourbon

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