Interview: Steve Beam of Limestone Branch and Yellowstone


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Steve Beam is the President and distiller at Limestone Branch and loves history. In this episode, he helps us understand the family tree of Dants and Beams as well as telling us about his journey into distilling.

  • The Charles Townsend Yellowstone story
  • T.J. Pottinger, Captain Sam, and Walnut Hill
  • Lost history and hauntings
  • The Dants, the Burch, and the Bowlings
  • The Limestone Branch of the Beam/Dant family
  • Minor Case Beam at Early Times
  • Olene Parker's Old Maid and Francis Head at Gethsemane
  • Where Minor's name came from
  • How the Dants lost Yellowstone and how it came back to the Beams
  • Yellowstone distillery in Louisville
  • Yellowstone's popularity in Kentucky
  • Heaven Hill and LuxCo
  • The fate of Henry McKenna, J.W. Dant, Yellowstone, Rebel Yell, Ezra Brooks, and David Nicholson
  • Getting the Yellowstone name back in the family
  • There's a Beam everywhere in Kentucky
  • The J.W. Dant distillery and the whiskey in the 50s
  • How Steve became interested in distilling
  • The New Hampshire man's yeast bucket advice
  • Dry Fly and American Distilling Group in the
  • Learning on a small scale
  • Focusing on something unique
  • Waiting on that first batch as a master distiller
  • The Beams secrets at Thanksgiving

I hope you enjoy the history!

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