Episode 638 - Joe Crawford


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Joe Crawford is a Martial Arts practitioner and the author of the book Jove Brand is Near Death.

The idea of throwing a snap kick which has gained enormous popularity in the UFC particularly with Conor McGregor. This is the day one kick of Karate. The awakening of the masses going: “This kick really works!”

Joe Crawford - Episode 638

J.A. Crawford wanted to grow up to be a superhero. He studied Criminal Justice at Wayne State University, specializing in criminal procedure and interrogation.

Despite what his family thinks, Joe is not a spy. When he isn’t writing, he travels the country investigating disaster sites. Before that, he taught Criminal Justice, Montessori Kindergarten, and several martial arts. Joe is an alum of the Pitchwars program.

Joe has too many interests and finds every topic under the sun absolutely fascinating. He especially loves the stories behind the stories. Joe splits his time between Michigan and California. He is married to his first and biggest fan, who is not allowed to bring home any more pets.

Show Notes

Check out Joe Crawford’s website at www.jacrawford.net

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