Atlanta Season 3 Recap (Feat. Dylan Green, Ifeanyi Awachie, Julian Lytle)


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We assemble an All-Star panel to discuss one of the most divisive seasons of TV in recent memory, Atlanta Season 3.

Dylan Green, Ifeanyi Awachie, and Julian Lytle come through to talk about it all. The 4 year wait, the anthology episodes, Van, and more.

Does it work? What did we like and what left us scratching our heads? What are we looking forward to in season 4?

Only thing we want to promote this week is ways you can help the families devastated by the unspeakable violence in Uvalde, Texas. Follow this link to find ways you can donate and help those in need.

We'll be back next week, until then, stay safe, spread love, and tell your local government and federal representatives that we can't keep living like this.

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