Mr. Church (feat Rod & Karen of The Black Guy Who Tips)


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On today's episode, we discuss the 2016 horror film, Mr. Church, about a Black man who makes a Faustian deal that binds his soul to three generations of white women.

Alright, fine, it's about Eddie Murphy cooking for white people, but still that shit is scary. Helping us sort all this out are the tremendous Rod and Karen of The Black Guy Who Tips podcast.

We discuss the magical negro of it all, Eddie Murphy as dramatic actor, the wild things the writer had to say, and talk a little House of the Dragon and Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness.

Karen and Rod are OG's in this pod game and have one of the best shows, period. If you aren't already down, do yourself a favor and hit the website to find all the episodes, bonus shows, and sign up to be a premium member to get even more content!

You can follow Rod at @rodimusprime, Karen at @saydatagain, and the show at @tbgwt

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