Jonathan Bailey, Sam Heughan & Jude Hill?


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We're spilling the beans today, honey! Our tip about Grimes dating Chelsea Manning: true! Julia Haart's stole her soon-to-be ex husband's Bentley: false! Lil Duval lost at sea: we wish! Plus, the Jussie Smollett case gets another (dark) chapter; L&B play a game about the BAFTAs & Critics Choice Awards (especially for those who Did Not Watch); and we're getting to know a new Bridgerton hunk. Plus, speaking of hunks - an Outlander hunk is spotted smooching in NYC and Julianne Hough is pissed her brother is "spilling the beans" to her ex "on what she's up to." Did we not say the beans were piping hot today? SPILL 'EM!

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