Episode 187: Jaclyn Lindsey - The Business of Kindness


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Jaclyn Lindsey is the co-founder & CEO of Kindness.org, as well as the co-author of “Be Kind: A Year of Kindness, One Week at a Time”. (She's also a graduate of the Renegade Brand Bootcamp!)

In this conversation with Amy Jo, Jaclyn talks about the steps involved in making a major pivot in her career. She shares exactly what she did to begin the process and how it evolved into her discovering what she wanted to do next. She shares how the simple act of sitting down and writing out the things she wanted to stand for led her to create a non-profit global organization rooted in kindness.

Jaclyn also discusses the importance of kindness and the scientific research showing the positive impact it has on not only others but ourselves as well.

Amy Jo and Jaclyn discuss how she's navigating the process of becoming the face of her brand and sharing her own WHY and brand essence, which led to starting the organization.

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