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Hi everyone!

How would you feel telling your grandkids that back in your time you had to select a WiFi network you wanted to connect to from the list, use unencrypted connection in public spaces or povide your personal info on the splashpage? See how @Cisco @WBA OpenRoaming fixes it all!

Here is what we have discussed:

Why do we need OR?

· User on cellular = business can’t engage

· Painful or broken WiFi Onboarding

· Lack of security

· Indoor coverage/capacity (Cellular offload)

What is Open Roaming?

· Open Roaming leverages all the features of pass point

· Federation of Access Providers (places like public venues, retail, hospitality, enterprises) and Identity Providers (carriers, device OEM, providers) that runs in the cloud – fully distributed solution

· Access Provider (place)

o Apply policy

· Identity Provider (user auth)

o Used for user authentication

o Can be a google ID, Apple ID or sim, eSim, MSO – certificate.

o How can I sign up on my iPhone or on my Android

· Used to have to visit a specific website to get the profile on the phone – how to make it transparent for users?

· OR was quite complicated to configure – plans to simplify? Integrate DNAS Connector functionality into WLC?

· Embedded functionality: Samsung, Android 11

· App SDK

o Examples:

· Service Provider using SIM

· Enterprise using cert

· OEM – Samsung good example

· Cloud ID – sign with Google, Apple, etc.

§ Application soon available for iOS and Android?

How does it work?

· Secure auto onboarding for any access network really in a nutshell .

· Automatic, secure transparent onboarding wherever you go – handoff from 4/5G to WiFi

· Your phone doesn’t need to come out of your pocket.

· Roaming agreements when travelling – business relationship with different access networks with different credentials.

· How does it work technically with information in the beacon.

· Flow:

o Access Provider:

o Device gets into coverage range

o Device <- EAP -> AP/WLC

o AP/WLC <- RADIUS -> DNAS Connector

o Identity Provider:

o DNAS Connector <- IDP Discovery -> IDP DNS

o DNAS Connector <- TLS up -> IDP AAA

What level of encryption does Open Roaming provide us with

· WPA2 Enterprise level / 802.1X EAP-TLS.

· What about with WPA3 coming and 6GHz: yes!

What are the benefits?

· Why would we implement OR on my network?

· Why would I setup OR on my mobile device?

· Benefits for the infrastructure provider

· Benefits for the client

o Sign up once, get connected automatically

o No portals, SSID name guessing

o More meaningful experience

Who created it & who has ownership of it now?

· WBA have taken over ownership of Open Roaming. The industry is picking up a lot of momentum now.

· How are other vendors integrating Open Roaming – since it was originally Cisco how are companies like Aruba/ Mist/ Ruckus etc implementing OR.

· Bart – can we mention Canary Wharf Group?

Can we still have a splash page?

· Is splash page dead with option to always use MAC randomisation?

· You can still have a splash page if you want to – once authenticated, identified by the network you can have a personal welcome splash page specific to you. -> We would like to leverage things like venue information to make it more contextual (HS2.0 v3)

What about my privacy?

· Privacy concerns – it does allow for anonymous connectivity – but you may lose some loyalty benefits – but the user may want to provide that info to get the loyalty bonus etc. -> Anonymous by default, privacy built-in

OR Architectures with Cisco

· Currently 3 scenarios

o AireOS 8.3+, DNAS (with connector)

o C9800 16.12+, DNAS (with connector)

o Meraki, DNAS (with connector)

· DNAS Connector

o What does it do?

o Why do we need both DNAS and DNAS Connector?

Tons of love,

WiFi Ninjas xxx

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