Episode 427: Come Hunt Wild Pigs in Texas


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Have you ever wanted to venture to Texas to help out with the invasive wild pig problem? Do you want to enjoy the tasty results of that hunt in the form of fresh wild game going into your freezer? It doesn’t matter if you have hunted for years or are just picking up a rifle, we have a spot for you to come join us at our hunting skills camp this spring in North Texas.

Harvesting Nature is hosting its first ever hunting skills camp. We want to invite you to come along for the adventure. At this camp, we will teach you how to shoot, hunt, butcher, package, and cook wild pigs all in one extended weekend.

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Our hunting camp will be held at a North Texas ranch nestled off the beaten path that reflects the rustic elegance of Texas while combining the comforts and conveniences of home. Meals will be prepared by our highly skilled, professional chefs, Adam Berkelmans, Adam Steele, and Justin Townsend.

Our shooting instructors will spend time ensuring you are comfortable shooting on the range in order to prepare you to transition to the hunting blind where you will have the opportunity to hunt wild hogs in a free range setting. If you enjoy grass fed domestic meat then you will love the taste of wild pork.

After the hunt, our expert butcher, Adam Steele, will walk you through the steps on how to process the meat for storage in the freezer and for later eating.

Each night, after the hunts, our chefs will bring you into the kitchen. There they will provide hands-on instruction on how to prepare different cuts from the game you harvested. You will be taught kitchen skills that you can take back home and showcase for your friends and family.

At the end of the camp, you will walk away with the skills to hunt, shoot, process, store, and cook your wild game. These skills easily translate over into any other wild game you would decide to hunt in the future.

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