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This episode we’re discussing Y the Last Man, the first two volumes of the collected trade paperbacks for the original VERTIGO* comic series, and the new FX on Hulu series.

*Jarret incorrectly remembered the publisher. Thanks for Ryan from Movie Jawn for pointing this error out!


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0:06:55 Hulu/FX Series Spoiler-free Evaluations


0:23:00 Crew

0:29:00 Cast

0:36:00 Random Details

0:41:00 Sharp Objects: we recommend a similar property

0:44:00 Y the Last Man comic Spoiler-free Evaluations

vol 1 & 2 (Unmanned ; Cycles)

2002-2008; 60 issues

0:53:20 Creators

Pia Guerra

Brian K. Vaughan (co-wrote several LOST episodes, showrunner of Under The Dome)

1:02:00 Jarret’s recommended reading list

1:00:25 Plot analysis

Vol 1 (1-5)

Emily VanDerWerff for Vox: The tricky trans politics of FX’s Y: The Last Man

1:29: Vol 2 (6-10)

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