28 - Lizzie McGuire (w/ "Back To The Best" Podcast)


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The day has come! In this episode we are FINALLY going to cover the one, the only...LIZZIE MCGUIRE! The show that started it all. That started Hilary Duff's career. That started a fire in our hearts. Just kidding. But not really. Today we are joined by David Hopping and Grace Isaacs, from the the podcast "Back to the Best." We talked all things Lizzie McGuire and talked about the episode "Aaron Carter's Coming to Town." What a legendary episode (of Lizzie AND Wildchats)! We also recorded an episode with them on their podcast where we talked about the Christmas DCOM, "The Ultimate Christmas Present." So stay tuned for that by subscribing to their podcast and following them on Instagram. @bbtbpodcast on all platforms. Thanks for joining us, David and Grace! Hope all you wildchats out there enjoy the episode! Back to the Best: Web: bttbpodcast.com IG: @bttbpodcast Wildchats: Web: wildchatspodcast.com IG: @wildchatspodcast TW: @wildchatspcast Sara: IG: @iamsaracarreras TW: @iamsaracarreras

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