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It was your favorite website with your favorite games based on your favorite TV shows and movies. What was it, you ask? Whether you were into Suite Life and played “Tipton Trouble” or were more of a Miley Cyrus fan and played “Jammin with Hannah,” this website had something for everyone. Also special shout-outs to the Brandy and Mr. Whiskers and Lilo and Stitch games which probably surpassed the popularity of the shows they were based on! If you’ve ever wanted to take a nostalgia trip back to the website you grew up on, you’ve come to the right place. Come back next week for our next installment of Wildchats So Hot Summer! Official website: Wanna know when we release new episodes? Follow us on… Instagram: @wildchatspodcast Twitter: @wildchatspcast Facebook: @wildchatspodcast Wanna contact us? Email: Wanna know what Sara’s up to? Follow her on… Instagram: @iamsaracarreras Twitter: @iamsaracarreras

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