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WEML#12 Show Notes Wilderness & Environmental Medicine journal online: Questions/comments/feedback and/or interest in participating in WEM Live? Send an email to: Part 1: Article Review Title: High Altitude Illness: Knowledge, Practice, and Attitudes of Porters in Nepal Authors: Pranawa Koirala, Seth E. Wolpin, Janet T. Peterson DOI: Presenter: Jacob Jensen CME Available: Part 2: Avalanche and Cold Weather Resuscitation Host Darryl Macias prepares us for the upcoming winter season with a discussion of a recent study published in Resuscitation: Hypothermia Outcome Prediction After Extracorporeal Life Support for Hypothermic Cardiac Arrest Patients: The HOPE Score. Article DOI: HOPE survival probability score tool: Other articles mentioned in this part: Wilderness Medical Society Practice Guidelines for Prevention and Management of Avalanche and Nonavalanche Snow Burial Accidents. DOI: “Cold Card” to Guide Responders in the Assessment and Care of Cold-Exposed Patients. DOI:

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