March 2016 - Wilderness And Environmental Medicine Live


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Show Notes Conference Registration: Abstract Application: Wilderness & Environmental Medicine journal online WMS awards: Description and previous winners: Jay Lemery email (for WMS awards): WEM Live email: 1. The 6-Minute Walk Test as a Predictor of Summit Success on Denali Presented by co-author Patrick Bagley Reviewed by Amy Bionditch Lazio paper: doi: 10.1016/j.wem.2010.09.003 2. Primary Care in Extreme Environments: Medical Clinic Utilization at Antarctic Stations, 2013-2014 Presented by lead author James Pattarini Reviewed by Rebecca Blue 3. A New Proposal for Management of Severe Frostbite in the Austere Environment Presented by coauthor Chris Davis Reviewed by Matthew Sholl 4. Portable prehospital methods to treat near-hypothermic shivering cold casualties Presented by author Sam Oliver Reviewed by Jay Gupta A novel application for cognitive evaluation in mountain ultramarathons: olfactory assessment Presented by author Alessandro Tonacci Reviewed by Garreth Debiegun

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