Ep 3 First time chicken keeper, "The Claw" Of Covid Cluckers, spills the cracked corn!


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We've a very special guest today, Welcome "The Claw" from Covid Cluckers, also known as Rai. This first time chicken mama is a music teacher from Maryland. Listen in as she shares her knowledge and wit with us. She may even sing us a little song!

On today's episode, Mel and Rai talk about:

  1. How The Claw and Covid Cluckers got their name.
  2. First time Chicken keeping tips.
  3. What resources she uses to help gain knowledge to help keep her flock healthy and strong.
  4. The backstory to #chickendaddysunday

With a generous mix of hilarious stories!
Wilma The Wonder Hens focus is to bring the chicken community together.
"Don't forget there's room for all of us on the roosting bar."

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