Ep 6 Jennifer's journey. Little Agnes comes home and a tribute to Annie.


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Meet today's guest, Jennifer.
I think the best way I can describe myself is a “jack of all trades”. I have a wide range of interests and consider myself to be a lifelong student. In the 90’s I worked in large animal vet medicine until the developers moved in and the dairies starting moving away. I spent the early 2000s studying and working in France where I earned a masters degree in International Trade Law and worked for an import/export company. Moving back stateside, I went into International Trade Compliance and have since specialized in encryption technology controls. I’m a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister. I’m a humanitarian, a diplomate, a warrior, a musician, a carpenter, a mechanic, the Maytag repair woman, a challenge accepter and a problem solver… and along this same vein, I hope to be a farmer in the next few years.
My love of animals has been life long. Growing up in California’s central valley, we had rabbits, chickens, dogs, cats, horses, cows and goats. My extended family still maintains all of these types of animals. I’ve been living and working in the densely populated Bay Area for 16+ years and as such have had to limit the menagerie of animals with which I share my home. We only had dogs until one fateful night in March of 2019 when a soggy little pullet (Agnes) wound up roosting on the window sill of our home. She immediately won all our hearts and the rest is history. Sadly my chicken math gets checked by city ordinance and limited space but I’m looking forward to when we move to Portugal in a couple of years to “semi” retire and try our hand at olive farming and establishing a rescue/sanctuary for farm animals.
1. Jennifer tells us how Miss Agnes just showed up one night.
2. The loss of her beloved pet, Annie.
3. Misuse of antibiotics.
4. Treating bumblefoot the correct way.
5. A tale of a goat and "Bob" the owl.
6. Buying a Olive farm in Portugal.
7. Chicken keeping tips you can implement today to help build a stronger healthier flock!
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