127: Pageant Interview Tips: What Not to DO


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Get the Free Pageant Course at: http://FreePageantCourse.com Last week, we covered what not to say in your pageant interview (http://winapageant.com/126). This week, we're going to talk about what not to do. In most cases, judges want a woman that is relatable. When you show up as an extremist, it is uncomfortable to the judges. There are 3 spectrums at play that you have to manage with self-control and patience so you don't end up on the extreme ends of the spectrums. Get the FREE training 3 Rookie Pageant Interview Mistakes (and how to avoid them) at http://FreePageantCourse.com. For details from this episode and more resources visit: http://WinAPageant.com Email the host at Alycia@WinAPageant.com

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