153: 5 Keys to Nailing Your Pageant Stage Makeup with Celeb Makeup Artist Liz Everett


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From an early age glamour was Liz Everett Glam's second language. Quickly realizing she had a passion for helping others achieve their beauty goals, Liz began working for the Victoria's Secret Beauty Brand. What started as a job, soon became the embodiment of Liz's desire to see women of all ages empowered to Rock Their GLAM!

As a certified image consultant and award winning makeup artist, Liz has truly begun to elevate as an expert in the field of beauty. Working in both the pageantry & entertainment industry fields, Liz has continued to develop her flair for curating gorgeous looks for the stage, as well as in front of the camera. Her keen eye for glamour has helped her land jobs in Los Angeles, Miami, New York City and Las Vegas as well as drawing clients from the U.K., Canada and beyond.

Since 2014, Liz has won 5 national hair and makeup artist of the year awards. She is also the current Beauty Director for Pageantry Magazine.

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